VW Knowledge Gate Installation and Computer Generated Information Design

Wolfsburg, Germany

Asymptote's design for a permanent exhibition space and installation at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg Germany accommodates the display of a broad range of interactive digital content related to the VW brand. 


Asymptote designed both the physical space as well as the digital interactive presentations in line with Asymptote’s previous virtual reality projects designed for the New York Stock Exchange and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. An interest in the convergence of digital and physical space led to a spatial concept where 'virtual space is made real' in this installation, affording visitors to "occupy" data as both mage and a spatial experience and situation. 


Conceptually the exhibition space is a 'mirror space' where elements rising from the floor appear to be reflections of elements suspended from the ceiling and vice versa. All of the hardware as well as the digital displays and touch screen are integrated within these elements to create a taught and virtually seamless environment. Inspired by the aerodynamics and tectonics of car bodies these free form elements meander through the exhibition space displaying the flow of information and delineating the movement of the visitors alike. 


Date: 2006


Size: 180 m2


Location: Wolfsburg, Germany


Architect: Asymptote Architecture


Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture


Design Team: Alex Pincus, Jill Leckner, Christoph Zeigler



Local Architect: YES Architects, Ruth Berkthold, Munich


Client: Volkswagen AG


Media Consultant: Ben Greenfield