Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and Lambent Foundation

New York, USA


The mission of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation is to "seek opportunities that showcase the qualities of being fearless, innovative, collaborative and pattern-breaking…. to encourage a dialogue that is a voice for positive change."



The foundation's vision, mission and strategy are coordinated in this proposed HQ for the foundation in lower Manhattan. The proposal sets as its goal the promotion of t the artist's values and vision to ensure that the endeavors the foundation supports express the essence of Rauschenberg's philosophy: "Art can change the world." ― Robert Rauschenberg, 1982



The architecture for the new Robert Rauschenberg Foundation is comprised on the exterior skin of the building as a repetitive sculptural mannered motif that creates a wave like surface of glass and steel, especially when contrasted against the static and planar nature of the street frontages that dominate the architecture of the Wall Street area in lower Manhattan. The geometry and articulation of the new building's elevation creates a dynamic intersection between the public space of the city and the private domain within of the foundation. At street level large expansive glass doors provide both views and public access into the large exhibition spaces within that in turn serve to activate the street with the presence of truly inspired and great works of art created by Robert Rauschenberg during his long industrious career. 

Date: 2010


Size: 5000 sqm


Location: New York, USA


Architect: Asymptote Architecture


Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture


Design Team:  Brian Deluna


Assistant: John Zhu


Client: GCAM New York