Interpipe Factory


, Ukraine


Asymptote’s proposal for the mill enhancements for the Interpipe metallurgy plant in Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev aims to create a public facade which highlights Interpipe’s efforts to create a state of the art facility for efficient and environmentally positive steel production. Asymptote’s intention aligns with the goals of Interpipe and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation to embellish and enhance the plant facility and surrounding grounds by presenting an elegant architectural solution that serves as a visual compliment to the existing construction.


Referencing the history of steel production in the region, Asymptote’s design centers around an undulating steel wall stretching towards the sky. This architectural feature serves to connect the rolling grass plains with the clear skies of Dnepropetrovsk, referencing the plant’s Carbon Zero status and Interpipe’s efforts to be a leader in green steel production.


The iconic steel facade is specifically situated to not only serve as a visual enhancement to the building envelope, but also to create an intimate exterior courtyard adjacent to the plant facility. This landscaped area reinforces the arciform nature of the steel structure with elliptical concrete elements for seating and reflecting pools. By allowing the landscape to flow around and underneath the steel facade, a park-like environment naturally emerges.


The concept for the internal environments envisages a series of sculptural enclosures strategically positioned along the interior walkways. These enclosures serve as viewing galleries, lounges and technical control rooms while complimenting the modern plant interiors with a clean and refined aesthetic, helping to reinforce Interpipe’s implementation of the most sophisticated technologies available.


By viewing the concept as an exercise in establishing select instances of unique

environments, Asymptote has created an architectural solution that Interpipe can use to promote their identity and reinforce their commitment to state of the art plant facilities and environmentally sensitive steel production.

Date: 2011


Location: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine


Architect: Asymptote Architecture


Design: Hani Rashid,  Lise Anne Couture


Project Director: Matt Utley


Design Team: Rob Eleazer, Tara Hagan, Kyle Stover


Client: Pinchuk Foundation