Park degli Angeli
Peccioli, Italy



Date: 2014


Size:  12,000 m2


Canopy Size: 2,463 m2


Location: Peccioli, Italy


Architect: Asymptote Architecture


Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture 


Project Directors: Mo Zheng, Paul Mecomber, Rob Eleazor


Design Team: Matt Slattery, Ivy Wang, Natalie Hein


Client: Belvedere Spa, Peccioli, Italy


Local Architect: Heliopolis - Architetti Associati, Pisa, Italy


Strucutral Engineer: Knippers Helbig, Stuttgart, Germany


Environmental Engineer: Transsolar, Stuttgart, Germany


The ‘Parco Degli Angeli’ (Park of Angels) Master Plan and architectural works by Asymptote include a collection of new buildings and parkland, a large covered 800-seat amphitheater and various interactive sculptural features.


The interventions target an intimate form of urbanism that is grafted onto Peccioli to create a new edge condition set against the spectacular surrounding Tuscan countryside. The building components include a new Museum of Etruscan Antiquities, a Center for Tuscan Food and Wine Culture (Centro di Cultura Enogastronomica) and a new community-based Music Center and Music Instrument Museum. The architecture and terrain as conceived by Asymptote create new event spaces and public areas that are also carefully woven into the Tuscan environs and linked to the town center via a nature path that evokes a powerful sense of place, history and timelessness. The conceptual approach to the design of individual components and the overall master plan was greatly impacted by the fascinating vistas of articulated hill towns and the metaphysical presence of their silhouettes on the horizon, along with the rolling terrain composed of vineyards, olive trees and vast swaths of farmland in the foreground. The ‘Parco Degli Angeli’ is designed to be both an elegant 21st century addition to Peccioli and a dramatic insertion into the Tuscan landscape in dialog with a deep and resonant cultural history.