Lycée Ile de Nantes

Nantes, France


A new addition to the educational network of Nantes, France, the proposed new Lycée as designed by Asymptote Architecture is conceived as being a connecting agent to the urban and cultural life of the city.


The school design is a complex of discreet interior and exterior spaces that are together integrated within an agglomeration of large green activated spaces that surround the building and the site. This strategy of green integration is also achieved with the intricate design of a variety of interstitial spaces situated between the various building components that comprise the school. These spaces take the forms and programs of urban courtyards, semi-public plazas, accessible gardens and a vast array of walkways that themselves become spatial extensions and connections within and throughout the site.


The school’s program is distributed across the various buildings creating a unique and particular scale that is, in proportion to the surroundings and further, enables the built elements to integrate appropriately into the site.


The programmatic distribution of the interior spaces also creates an array of connected open spaces where social interaction between students, faculty and visitors is encouraged and invigorates the spaces within the school. The use of landscape elements and the continuity of materials along with the transparency of the façades reinforce the links between interior and exterior public space, while strengthening the overall connections of the school to the city. The architecture ultimately is a celebration of education, student life and the interface between nature and city.


Date: 2011

Size: N/A 


Location: Nantes, France


Architect: Asymptote Architecture


Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture


Project Director: Constantine Dohler


Project team: Danny Abalos, Matt Post, Mar Goberna


Client: N/A


Local architect: N/A


Structural engineer: N/A


Environmental design: N/A