Keelung Gateway Port Terminal

Keelung, Taiwan


Asymptote's design for a new 270,000 m2 urban intervention in Keelung's harbor creates a gateway to the port city of Keelung but also to nearby Taipei and beyond. The project's architecture was conceived with respect to the beauty the Keelung's surrounding natural landscape and the potential to engage and transform the surrounding urban context. With its 70m high tower from which the terminal facilities extend to create dramatic canopies above new public spaces, the architecture melds public, cultural and commercial programs with the port terminal functions. On the street side, the architecture provides a distinctive urban presence while framing views through the building to the water and beyond. The Terminal's slightly elevated position allows for an efficient flow of vehicular traffic to both upper and lower levels for drop-off and pick-up, while grade-level pedestrian connection from the city enables seamless access to the new interior and exterior public spaces the Gateway Port Terminal. This direct and fluid urban connection also integrates the Gateway Port Terminal into Keelung's new urban greenway currently under development and gives unprecedented access and enjoyment of the water's edge. Asymptote's Gateway Port Terminal provides both an iconic presence against the dramatic backdrop of Keelung and a vital new public urban destination that will be a catalyst for the future development of Keelung.