Ivo Table

Mallet, London



Ivo Table is an elegant and unique table that utilizes a slumped sheet of museum-clear glass suspended across a contiguous and abstracted alloy surface of diamond-shaped facets. The table’s architecture is the result of an asymmetric metal topography of mathematically delineated folds and crevices that create a powerful and sensual curvature. The base of the table is made of a bespoke formula of Tula steel, an historic metal that has been recreated based upon the analysis of an original and rare piece of Imperial Tula steel from 1780.



Date: 2008


Size: 60 × 35 × 18 in.


Location: Milan, London, New York


DesignHani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture


Project Director: Theo Sarantoglou Lalis


Design Team: Chris Zeigler (final version), Alex Pincus


Manufacturer: Mallet (Meta), London & New York