Eco Tech Resort City
Changsha, China

The new Crystal World is the crowning jewel of the Changsha EcoTech Resort City, drawing inspiration from the spectacular geological condition of the site. The project is an aggregation of crystalline forms that house a variety of exciting recreational and resort programs. Crystal World is a new resort that is delicately placed into the spectacular quarry , taking advantage of the site's beautiful natural setting and leaving it untouched. It is surrounded by period gardens with numerous bridges connecting to the quarry edge, the nearby Constellation Hotel and points of access by car and other forms of transportation.The Resort is in close proximity to the Constellation Hotel and the commercial areas, with pedestrian  connections underground and above ground walkways across the beautiful landscape.  It is well connected to Changsha by the metro and vehicular access and to the overall Ecotech City by the sitewide LRT and the PRT systems. In addition a dedicated funicular railine provides a dramatic approach to the spectacular architecture. Descending into the reclaimed quarry one discovers an amazing site: the resort is floating above a new Crystal Mirror lake surrounded by cafes and restaurant along a waterside promenade.

Inside Crystal World the main attractions such as Snow and Ice World, Water World, and the indoor Ski Hill are housed within in the geometric  volumes. To accommodate  the larger programs the Crystal like forms are joined to create a contiguous space. The layering of different program elements creates a microcosm of unique interior environments, from leisure and recreational to​ athletic and educational.​ Sitting perched at the top of the building composition is the Crystal hotel, articulated with a sophisticated double façade with balconies behind oriented towards the view. A main attraction of the Crystal Hotel is the dramatic multi-story lobby that celebrates snow, ice and water. Each hotel room is a state off the art technological space with custom control of all  aspects of the guests environment.


 The various programs of the Waterworld Park are situated within the voluminous interior of Crystal World. Suspended in the vast interior are located swimming pools, tiodal pools and whirl pools for relaxation and pleasure. Waterslides and other recreational structures move through the spaces to create a dynamic environment. Visible high above is "Space World", an additional attraction that celebrates the magic of being in the heavens amongst the stars.


In the lower levels of Crystal World there spaces that celebrate snow and ice while a large aperture looks down onto the lake and landscape below. Here a a skating  rink sits adjacent to an indoor ski hill anda ccross this dramatic multi-storey space are dragons and castles carved out of ice as well as exhibits of penguins and other animals housed in recreations of  their natural habitats.The indoor ski hill is a spectacular structure that intersects the Snow and Ice World and spans the breadth of the quarry. Looking through the entire building interior the dynamic interplay of volumes and functions becomes evident, with the elongated ski slope element bridging the quarry opening and intersecting the adjacent spaces. The structure is carefully placed to minimally impact the surrounding natural condition of the quarry site. Crystal World emerges as if a Cloud like structure, hovering above the surrounding landscape.By virtue of its architecture Crystal World is poised to be a world class attraction and a Destination that will bring visitors from Changsha and beyond.