CCA Toolkit Lecture by Hani Rashid

Canadian Center for Architecture, Montreal

The CCA presents its second Toolkit: a two-week summer seminar for PhD candidates and Master students from around the world. This year, the event was conceived as an important component of the research launched by the CCA on the processes and practices related to digital media in architecture. The seminar, which took place from 8-18 July, aimed to develop a critical reading of a spectrum of digital thinking. While understanding early digital technologies as tools for experimentation, the goal of the seminar was to envision how interdisciplinary practices interested in creating novel digital assemblages emerged from within the existing discourse of architecture and urbanism.


In the first week the focus was on the didactic experiment conducted in the mid-1990s at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at Columbia University, entitled The Paperless Studio. Some of the participants reconsidered its legacy in the light of current design strategies and perspectives. In the second week the focus moved to the wider shift towards the digital in global practice. How the complexity of form became seductive; how a more sensorial approach to architectural features emerged, how a new tectonic was posited: these were all themes that emerge.

Date: June 2013


Location: Montreal, Canada