Beukenhof Auditorium and Crematorium Scheme 1

Schiedam, The Netherlands

This award winning venue comprising an undulating, seamed copper roof and double-curved enclosure, Asymptote’s design for the Beukenhof Auditorium and Crematorium in Schiedam, The Netherlands exploits the country’s rich tradition of brick architecture through a thoroughly contemporary formal expression. The building’s interior spaces are imbued with a subtly transforming quality of light that works in concert with the shifting architectural form. On the exterior, the architecture is another landscape element that bridges over the adjacent canal.

Date of Commencement: 2004


Size: 1,977 m2


Location: Schiedam, The Netherlands


Architect: Asymptote Architecture


Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture


Project Architects: Eric Goldemberg


Design Team: Asako Hiraoka-Sperry, Claudia Cipriani,

Clarissa Lenz, Simon Nageli, Charlotte Schmidt-Jensen


Client: Piet Sanders Foundation, The Netherlands