Beukenhof Crematorium & Auditorium

Schiedam, The Netherlands

 Comprising an undulating, seamed copper roof and double-curved enclosure, Asymptote’s design for the Beukenhof Auditorium and Crematorium in Schiedam, The Netherlands exploits the country’s rich tradition of brick architecture through a thoroughly contemporary formal expression. The building’s interior spaces are imbued with a subtly transforming quality of light that works in concert with the shifting architectural form. On the exterior, the architecture is another landscape element that bridges over the adjacent canal.


Date: 2004


Size: 4,150 sq.m


Location: Schiedam, The Netherlands


Architect: Asymptote Architecture

Principals: Hani Rashid + Lise Anne Couture


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Client: Beukendatihof Founon

Local architect: 

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Environmental design: