Baku Eco-Cultural Master Plan
Baku, Azerbaijan

Asymptote’s master planning strategy for the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, embraces the rich and unique cultural heritage of the region while transforming the city’s cultural status and geography. 



The urban design extends the entire urban waterfront of the city well beyond the existing shoreline with an impressive and immense new archipelago those houses amongst other program a multitude of linked cultural amenities. This 'necklace' approach contains an assemblage of new facilities, green space, pavilions and a number of "floating" landscapes. These new public spaces span outward and across the bay connecting what are now two separated parts of the city's waterfront. The new master plan proposes a continuous loop of these new public amenities with the main catalyst being a grand new museum of contemporary art jutting into the Caspian Sea. This new archipelago also contains sculpture parks, a new marina, various recreational facilities and two new hotels.



This project proposes by way of this new and vital urban infrastructure, to incorporate a number of marine based biotechnologies and numerous natural wetlands being deployed and integrated thereby providing a means of filtering the now polluted waters of the Caspian and by extension creating a new clean water based amenity and economic drivers for the city of Baku. Over time the waterfront of Baku can be revitalized and rejuvenated providing new recreational use, water based transit and various types of benefits for the city and surrounding environs.

Date: 2009




Location: Baku, Azerbaijan


Architect: Asymptote Architecture


Design Principals: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture


Project Director: Josh Dannenberg


Design Team: Kiran Abid, Sebastian Andia, Christoph Boeckeler

Claudia Friesz, Byungjeen Seo, Nathan Smith, Francesco Pusterla, 

Hoang Tao, Andrew Teng  



Client: Global Cultural Asset Management (GCAM)