The ARC - River Culture Multimedia Theater Pavilion
Daegu, South Korea


The architecture of the River Culture Pavilion ( ARC ) is an powerful formal statement that combines nature, technology and space to delineate a bold and striking architectural statement set  against the awe inspiring natural surroundings that encircle the buildings river side perch. The bold curved form of the ARC is a strong focal point set against the panoramic surroundings.  The material treatment of the buildings exterior contributes to the ethereal atmospheric quality of the pavilions presence on this site. In close proximity the building seems cloud like while from afar it is a striking sculpted form mimicking a natural rock like formation.  The ARC is designed to be in a symbiotic dialogue with it's surroundings and the environs of Daegu in celebration of the importance and powerful experiences of water and nature.

The main architectural program of the ARC is that it houses a state of the art multimedia theater and spaces for innovative and tradition exhibitions. Within the architecture video, light, sound and movement all combine to produce a technological architecture symbiotically tethered to the natural surroundings and their phenomena and beauty. The visitor’s experience of this mediated environment takes place while moving through the pavilion’s exhibitions, culminating on the rooftop. From this elevated vantage point, on a roof terrace a pool of a water mirrors the vast sky above affording one another perspective on nature's profound beauty as framed by the ARC’s architecture.